Dating with Authenticity and Confidence

Hey Girl...
Are you a smart, successful, SINGLE woman? Or, do you know someone who is?

I have good news! I'm hosting a SUPER FUN workshop for my lovely single ladies. This is one of my absolute favorite workshops that I do. 

The Dating with Authenticity and Confidence 3-Part Course will start on Sunday, February 24th. The course will be divided into three sessions and we will meet every other week for six weeks. I am offering this course over several weeks to allow us to spend a meaningful amount of time and energy on this important topic. Plus, spreading the course over six weeks will allow you to begin applying what you are learning out there in the "real world" while we are meeting as a group. We can support each other and, of course, talk about all the important details.

This workshop is for you if: 

  • You would like to connect with other awesome single women
  • You are serious about wanting to find the right partner
  • You feel frustrated about your current dating life
  • You're wondering if your "picker" is broken
  • Your confidence flies out the window when you meet someone you actually like
  • You are losing hope that you will ever find love
  • You protect yourself by "dating down"
  • Or maybe deep down you aren't confident that you are "good enough" to really have the relationship of your dream

Do any of these statements resonate with you? If so, I hope you’ll show up for yourself and the relationship you deserve by joining this course!

 How will the Dating with Authenticity and Confidence Course Help You?

  • Learn how to date in a way that feels less frustrating and exhausting
  • Become more aware of your "blind spots" in dating and how to move past them
  • Gain clarity about what you really need in a romantic relationship (not just what you want)
  • Develop a more positive mindset when it comes to dating
  • Learn strategies for meeting the kind of partner you want—both on-line and off-line!
  • Maneuver the dating scene with authenticity and confidence

I want to be honest that this workshop isn't for everyone. It's for women who are ready to get real about how their current dating patterns aren't working.

It's for the brave women who are willing to say "maybe it's time to do things differently."

It's for the ladies who are willing to dig deep; to look at their fears, insecurities, defense mechanisms and all of the other crap that is standing in their way of finding lasting love.

Yes, it's going to be fun. You can bet we're going to laugh!  But, you'll also be encouraged to challenge some long-standing belief and behavior patterns when it comes to your dating life.

Are you ready?

Is it time to be open to new ways of thinking and behaving in your dating life?

I hope so.  Because your dream partner is out there waiting for you.

Here's what attendees are saying about the workshop...

"Amanda's course helped me expose some unhelpful thinking patterns I had towards dating and also gave me real-time feedback on specific dating situations as they happened throughout the course of the group. Having that sounding board from Amanda and the other fabulous new friends I met really helped me tune in to what I truly wanted and what was best for me in each situation. The group has given me much more confidence in myself and has helped me believe that I'm a catch and deserve an amazing guy."-  Emily

"The workshop really helped to specifically point out the "type" of man I have been dating and the deal breakers that I have been ignoring in relationships. It made me feel like I can more easily identify red flags and work to avoid the men who possess attributes that deprive me."- K.W.

"I learned a lot about myself and my dating patterns with fun exercises and a great group of women to share it all with! Amanda brings insightful women together to support and encourage each other so not only did I have a great time, I also met some fabulous new women!"- L.C.

"I learned more about what truly mattered to me and was able to think more clearly about how to find it.  I really appreciated feeling like I wasn't the only one struggling with dating and it was really nice to get support and feedback from Amanda and the other women."- Nicole

Are you ready to date in a way that is actually FUN and brings positive RESULTS?
Then Join Us! 

I am limiting this class to 8 women because I want to be able to give this important topic thoughtful and meaningful time and attention.

I understand how frustrating and,at times,demoralizing dating can be. The "dating game" is full of landmines that can bring out insecurity and frustration in the best of us. 
What if the process of finding a partner could be something that you actually enjoy? I'm here to tell you that it actually can be enjoyable when you are living a life that radiates authenticity and confidence!.
I want to offer you a way to get personal results at a group rate. I will only enroll up to 8 women in this course. Keeping the group small will allow us to have quality connection and discussion. For only $200 you will get 6 hours of coaching, support and connection with other women. This is hundreds of dollars less than my full price coaching rate. 

Class meets from 2pm-4pm on the following Sundays: February 24th, March 10th and March 24th.  
Cost $200 ($175 early bird rate-- sign up by February 17th)


Let's get you feeling like a dating bad*ss!

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