How Amanda Got Her Spark Back

I have a confession to make. I lost my spark for my business for a while.

To be clear, I never lost my spark for coaching my clients. I enjoy every minute of being a sounding board, an encourager, and a tough question-asker.

I lost my spark for the business. You know, the marketing, grinding, “how to make the big bucks” part of it all.

My spark began to weaken when I listened more to the “experts” than I did to myself.

It dimmed when I started looking to other people to tell me what to do instead of taking action that felt authentic and in alignment with who I am.

Add some fear of not being successful and a dash of scaredy cat and my spark felt almost unrecoverable.

Simply put, I lost my spark when I stopped listening to and trusting my inner guide.

Can you relate? Are you feeling apathetic, overwhelmed or maybe even lost?

Luckily, in a powerful session with my life coach (yes, any coach worth a darn should have their own coach) I was able to trace my steps and figure out how I had lost my spark and, most importantly, how to recover it.

It’s simple, really. My spark comes from connection.

I feel my spark when I help you trace your steps back to your own truth and inner guide so that you can start living a life you love. Yes, this process is rewarding and life-changing for my clients but it also ignites my inner spark because I genuinely feel that helping others is my purpose.

I love what I do, but I allowed all of the “shoulds", fear, and second-guessing of myself to take over for too long.

What about you? What causes you to lose your spark?

I would bet big money that you also lose your spark when you stop listening to and trusting your inner guide. In fact, you might even tell me that you “don’t even know what you want.”

I don’t believe that you don’t know what you want.

Your inner guide knows what you want in your work, your relationships, your health - all of it.

Your spark is inside you. It may be just a little faint right now. It needs to be rediscovered and ignited again! That is what I love to do. I help you ignite your spark faster than you can on your own. Time is precious. Why wait?

Send me a message if you want to chat about getting your spark back. Let's talk (for free!)

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