My Favorite Things

I love the idea of sharing our favorite things so that others might find some joy and pleasure in them as well. Some items on my list are deep and meaningful and some are just for fun.

 I hope you will treat yourself or someone you love!

You Are A Badass- This book may have a bit of a silly title, but it's for realz! I keep this one on my nightstand and every time I open it up I receive more pearls of wisdom. If you want some straight-talkin' advice about how to believe in yourself, get unstuck and go after your dreams, grab a copy right now! Shop local at or find it on Amazon.

Mellanni sheets- I heard about these sheets with a "cult following" on the Today Show. (Which, by the way, might be my favorite TV show. I mean, how can you not love Hoda and Savannah). I am always searching for a fantastic set of sheets and have spent a good bit of money only to be disappointed by some high dollar brands. These suckers are soft, smooth and dreamy--and they won't cost you and arm and a leg!

2021 Vision Board and Goal Setting Workshop- This is one of my most popular and most fun workshops. It will be held virtually this year and it's going to be an amazing day of connection and clarity! Grab your reduced price ticket today! In fact, how about gifting these tickets to the people you love? This is truly a gift that they won't forget and that will keep on giving. Special holiday offer price is $75 (regularly $97). The workshop is on Sunday, January 24th and I can't wait to see you! Learn more and grab tickets here.

Dancers Shape fitness studio - This locally owned fitness studio in Austin, Texas, is now offering a Video on Demand option. This means you can enjoy these body shaping classes from anywhere! It's hands-down the most effective exercise I have found for toning and losing inches. Check out their large library of videos that includes barre, core, cardio, yoga and more. Use the promo code Amanda50 to get 50% off of Video on Demand classes for one month. Learn more and purchase here.

Fresh Balsam Candles from Bath and Body Works- These candles just make me so darn happy. And these suckers are FRAGRANT! Don't you hate when you get a candle home, light it and can't smell anything. That won't happen with these candles. I usually buy the 3-wick version. They have other scents that are delicious too (I also like the "Winter" fragrance). But if you like the smell of fresh Christmas trees, you'll love the Fresh Balsam. Bath and Body Works

Cameron's Toasted Southern Pecan Coffee- This stuff comes packaged in a very unassuming bag that might make you think twice about buying it. But it's so delish! I get it at my local grocery store (HEB) so if you aren't in the Texas area, I am not sure how or where else you might find it. I look forward to this deliciousness every morning and you should, too! (Note: These are whole beans, so you'll need to have a grinder). Here's the plain jane packaging pic: 

Hot rollers- Yes, I might be stuck in a time warp, but I still use hot rollers. I do it because it's so darn easy! 5 minutes in hot rollers and --voila!-- the 'do is ready for the day. Or, these days, it's ready for the Zoom calls.  It may be old school, but if it ain't broke...

What I Know For Sure- I love this book from Oprah Winfrey. It is a collection of her writings and musings about love, career, friendship, self-confidence and so much more. I personally love listening to this book on Audible because Oprah narrates it herself and I like to take her with me on my walks with the pup. But, a hard copy of this book would make a lovely gift. Shop local at or on Amazon.

Dermaquest SkinBrite Facial Cleanser-  An aesthetician turned me on to this facial cleanser and I freaking love it. It is gentle, but leaves your face feeling clean. It smells nice. It brightens my skin. It lasts forever because you only need to use a teeny tiny bit with each wash. (Disclaimer: I am clearly not a skin professional. Just telling you what I like and what has worked for me!) Shop local at Love and Roots ATX or find on Amazon.

thesisterstudioig-  I am not a huge fan of most of the "influencer" culture out there, but Jen Reed is so fun to follow.  I love a good bargain and so does this gal. She gives budget-friendly tips on clothing, makeup, home decor and so much more.  Give her a follow.  She has excellent gift ideas for all budgets! (By the way, she has no idea I even exist and I don't get anything by adding to her following. I'm just sharing my favorite things--and her posts make that list!)

Matt's El Rancho Tacos al Carbon- Sorry, if you don't live in the Austin area, you're out of luck on this one. But, if you eat red meat and can get yourself to Matt's, do yourself a favor and order the Tacos Al Carbon. The meat is tender. The flavor is dynamite. The tortillas are homemade. Omgeee...I am so hungry right now. They offer take-out and delivery as well! Matt's El Rancho 

And, my most favorite thing of all...

The people in my life! - The greatest source of joy in my life is connection to others. It feeds my soul. It's why I do what I do for a living and, when I am not working, I do my absolute best to prioritize the people in my life. So, remember, it's not really about the gifts or the tacos or the's about connecting. Send someone you love a note telling them how much they mean to you. Schedule a video chat to touch base with friends and family who you can't see in person. The best gift you can give someone is your time and your love. I wish you all a happy holiday season full of connection.

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