it's time to fall in love


sound familiar?

Are you waiting for that big thing to happen to you so that you can finally feel happy?

Do you look successful on the outside, but inside, you feel that your life is meant to be so much more?

Do you feel like you are stuck with golden handcuffs, and it’s hard to get out?

Do you feel you are treading water, stuck and not moving forward in life?

Are you tired of going through life on autopilot, and are ready to make your life an exciting adventure?

Do you constantly miss out on opportunities because you don’t think you deserve to have it all?


that way anymore

I see you, on the outside you look like you have it all figured out

You are successful, talented, smart, beautiful, capable...


You feel powerless, like you are simply going through life

treading water (ouch)

Not living your life with meaning and purpose


to make your life complete

but, what if I told you that

the intuition, wisdom, and answers are within you. Working with a coach
helps you access the power within yourself.

Let's work together to create a life you truly love!

Amanda is everything you could want in a Life Coach – personable, friendly and warm, but she also helps you dig deeper into the issues that might be standing in the way of your success. She will help you become a better you, and along the way, you will actually enjoy the process. I would highly recommend her.” –Lisa A.

Trust me, I get feeling stuck. For a long time, I stayed in the “good job” that I didn’t really enjoy,  I was afraid to speak my truth, and I found myself in unhealthy relationships time and time again. While my life might have looked impressive on the outside, the truth was I lacked confidence in myself. I finally realized that no one else was going to fix my life for me. 

I needed to fall in love with myself first. I needed to build a life that would excite me and fill me with purpose every day. So, I got busy doing the inner work that would eventually lead me to the life I have now--a life I deeply love. I am convinced that I would still be stuck if it weren’t for the powerful experience with my own coach. 

I wholeheartedly believe that my life purpose is to use my personal experience and professional training to help others. I can imagine no greater joy than helping you get unstuck and entering a life you love.

I decided to invest in Amanda being my life coach at a time when I was very unsure with many areas of my life. She has helped bring clarity in situations I truly never thought I could conquer. I highly recommend her to anyone, and have told many of my friends about her.”- Elizabeth B.


Life doesn't have to be this eternal waiting room.

What if you have inside of you everything you need to be complete?

What if you moved past your own self-imposed limits and finally became an unstoppable force?

What if you had the courage to make your dreams come true?

Amanda is an amazing coach who has a deep understanding of human nature and psychology. It was such a pleasure working with Amanda on a coaching project because of the powerful positive energy she brings. She is knowledgeable, kind, authentic and genuinely interested in helping people in general -and women in particular- see the abundance of love,joy, success and happiness they could enjoy when they unleash their unique gifts and potential.” –Rajaa R.


Make a life-changing decision that will allow you to discover your deepest desires and give you the motivation to build a life you truly want

Get an absolutely clear vision of the life you want to lead and set real, obtainable goals for you to achieve your dreams

Work on the deep-rooted beliefs that have been holding you back and recognize the sabotage patterns that have been keeping you from moving forward

Reprogram your old beliefs with new better and healthier ones that will empower you to take real action

Develop a strong relationship with the most important person in your life (yourself) by learning how to listen to your desires and place boundaries

Stop overthinking and over perfecting and start taking action while stepping out of your comfort zone and into your new and improved life

I am a physician and I deal with complicated issues at work and in my personal life. Working with Amanda was a life changing experience. She helped me let go of some issues in the past, and helped me paint a brighter future for tomorrow. I recommend her without hesitation.” –Jamil J., MD


Finally start believing in the value that you bring
and improve your confidence and self-worth

Stop compromising your vision and living life on auto-pilot
and take control of what you want

Start living the life of your dreams,
not waiting for something to happen

Start feeling powerful, connected and truly happy
while loving yourself and your wonderful life

You ready?

Book a Discovery Call with me right here
to get started

Book a call

You ready?

Book a Discovery Call with me right here
to get started

Book a call

3 Month Life Coaching Program

My sincere desire to see you accomplish the growth and change you seek is what led me to develop my 3 month coaching program. After a rewarding decade of helping clients transform their lives, it has become clear to me that one of the most important elements of my clients’ success is their commitment to the process. 

New ways of thinking and behaving do not happen overnight--or even in a few weeks. Simply put, dabbling in coaching doesn’t work. It won’t create lasting results. And we don’t want this to be a waste of your time, energy and money!

If you are serious about creating a life you love, it is critical that you make a commitment to show up for yourself and the process of growth with an open mind and with consistency. That is why my 3 month coaching program involves weekly sessions and unlimited accountability and support check-ins between sessions.

I promise to do my part by being your biggest encourager, your sounding board, and the tough-question asker. I won’t let you believe all of the negative thoughts and excuses that you have been telling yourself.I will be all-in on helping you make the changes you seek in your life. 

Are you ready to be all-in? 

If you commit to the powerful process of coaching, you will feel different in your own skin. You’ll have more confidence, you’ll enjoy healthier relationships, you’ll fill your days with purpose and so much more. 

Are you ready to create a life you’re going to love? Let’s do this!

Program Outline:

• Initial Client Assessment and Questionnaire- This gives us a snapshot of where you are right now in each area of your life. And, most importantly, this tool will help us identify the areas of your life where you most want to experience positive change and transformation. 

• Twelve weekly 60-minute private coaching sessions with me (via Zoom or telephone) over the course of 3 months

• Homework assignments that encourage you to take action on your goals and dreams

• Text and email access to me between sessions for support and accountability

• Recommended readings, podcasts, and additional resources to help accelerate your growth 

Your investment: $1,200.00 

Or two installments of $625.00